Move 'N Store™

Move 'N Store is the exclusive distributor of the Move 'N Store™ brand of Moving, Storage and Packing Supplies to retailers.

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supplying a nation on the move....

Cost-Effective Solutions 
At Move 'N Store Direct, we understand the demands retailers face in identifying and providing cost-effective solutions in meeting the needs of consumers. Through system integration, automation and national distribution, Move 'N Store Direct has emerged as an industry leader in providing retailers an economical single source solution in fulfillment of in-store and online Moving, Storage and Packing Supplies.

Private Brand Labels
Working hard to establish a brand that consumers know and trust is a key to retail success.  Move 'N Store Direct allows companies to capitalize on Brand Name recognition to increase revenue.   Move 'N Store Direct offers Private Brand Labels on many of our Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies.  Our efficient system integrations and national distribution abilities allow for expedited order processing and delivery of the packaging supplies your customers demand.

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Relationships Matter… Move 'N Store Direct values the importance of establishing, building and maintaining relationships.  That is why we have partnered with industry leaders to ensure our ability to provide our clients and their customers with unparalleled pricing, service and product quality. 

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Making a difference... 
Move 'N Store Direct is committed to the distribution of sustainable packaging products which meet our clients' criteria for performance and cost. Our company is committed to providing our clients’ environmentally preferred packaging.